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May 07, 2011



I love the idea! I should do one of the alphabet for my niece who just turned 4! Thank you so much for the inspiration!


What a great project, makes learning very fun!


great project!! and so funny!!


Cute book and what a great idea to teach kids their numbers.


Great project!

Jerusha Borden

How much fun is this? I have little boys and my youngest would just love it. Thanks for the inpsiration, I might just have to CASE this!

Mª Jesús Villatoro



Love this project!!!

Janie Pait-Boots

What a beautiful project and so fresh and unique

Janie Boots

Rachel Mackin

That's such a cute idea!

Erin B

such a fun idea. I may need to lift this.

Tina Phillips

Totwlly cute and totally cool! I gotta make one!!!! What a great idea!


I absolutely love tag books...and this one is super cute and purposeful!

Rebecca Price

That is a great idea! Happy NSD!


Such an adorable little project!

-Brittney A

Twyla Davis

I had an amusing notion highlighting the difference places we are in life. If I made one for MY nephew, it would be to answer the question, how many beers have you had tonight?


what a clever idea!




very cute way of teaching the little ones!

Shirleen Wescott

I am SO making one of these for my students! Thanks for sharing!

Angie Simonet

Adorable little mini, simply cute! Happy NSD!

Katie Saylor

What a fun and creative idea.

Tina Walker

Oh my gosh!! soooo cute!

Kim Sonksen

Fantastic idea!

Trece Wyman

Wonderful idea! I'll bet you could use it for an anniversary gift, Let me count the ways. Or maybe one for each year of marriage.

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